Lurking the streets of Toronto in 2076 you can find Xerox, an augmented human decker on the prowl for any information ze can sell or hold onto “just in case”. Alias Xerox, the name associated with hir SIN unknown, is a street level Shadowrunner. Picking up gigs that jive with hir sensibilities when ze can, ze scrape by living in the city while saving up for more DIY augmentations.

Not much is known about Xerox and ze likes to keep it that way, but if you were to find hir on the Matrix late enough and ze were feelings sentimental you made learn that ze moved to the city young, coming from a small town that revolves around an “unnamed” corpo agricultural facility, modern day farming at its finest. Displeased with factory work and feeling out of place ze hitched a ride to the city and fell in love with its glow and its deviance. Xerox quickly find hirself in the city and found solutions to lifelong feelings of dissatisfaction.

Seeking out some cheaper bio-mods ze was introduced to the world of black market augmentation and street doctors and fell in love with the grime. Finding hir way into the world of shadowrunning to fuel hir interest in modification ze finds hirself becoming more aligned with hir body and the things it can do for hir as ze navigates the matrix.

Living a mostly solitary existence Xerox finds hirself content with the solitude and with hirself for the first time in a long time. Xerox fills hir spare time between runs doing matrix maintenance and security updates for local resistance groups, but more and more are looking forward to the thrill of hir next run.