Read a person / read a S(t)itch

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Ford McMillan

Set in modern day Halifax with a bit of a twist, where as you leave the city and get closer to any dense forested area, things get a bit strange, as they border on the Fae Wilds, a place where my character, Stanford MacMillan, nicknamed Ford, a college athlete who has recently escaped after being kidnapped in the 1980s and has spent the last 30 years trapped within the Fae Wilds and has found himself quite transformed by the experience.

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Within a dystopian, but not as dystopian as one would think, Toronto in 2076 lives and works, Xerox, an augmented human Decker who makes a living off information, whether finding, obtaining, or destroying, and who had remade hirself into hir own somewhat idealized image. Embracing the niche style of DIY biomods and the handiwork of street doctors, Xerox shadowruns to fund hir idealized augmented queer body.

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Alphi Greene

Hailing from Dustlake on the westernmost continent of The Gate, we find Alphi, a half-elf divination wizard and research assistant at the Dustlake Academy. An eager learner trying to find their place in this world, and the planes adjacent to it. Alphi boasts being the co-founder, vice-president and secretary of the Dustlake Academy Paranormal Research Society and is currently on their first full-fledged ghost hunting mission.