Feeling bold in the comfort of an unfamiliar face, Ford follows a handsome stranger into the woods outside of town for what he assumes is a moonlit tryst, but as the stranger leads him into a forest that become denser than he recalled being possible, he soon gets the feeling that something is very wrong. Turning to run he finds behind him a wall of thick thicket, covered in thorns. Looking back at the stranger he sees him grinning a smile that seems too wide and everything goes black.

The next few years are a strange blur for Ford, if they were years at all, time moves strangely in this place. He remembers waking and his body feeling so very wrong, contorted in a way that he moved about on all fours, his skin prickled now covered in a coarse fur. What he remembers most though is the hunger, the insatiable want for the hunt, and how his new strange body felt as he ran with an unnatural sense of intuition through dense woods to chase down his prey. Whether other animals, or other fae that his master ordered to be brought back, and those that seemed somewhere in between...

At some point on a hunt Ford found his way back to the gate, to the thicket he came in through, chasing his prey through he found himself quickly losing his footing. His limbs moved and shifted into an arrangement that was new to him but felt familiar as if something from a dream long ago. With that Ford himself found human once again, or, something close to it, emerging from the woods on a new morning, almost thirty years after the night he entered those woods. Finding himself now faced with an unfamiliar world he must grapple with his new life overwhelmed with the changes in the world around him and the changes that have taken place within him.