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Like camping

like camping is the digital stand alone game for the interactive installation of the tentiverse which within participants can play like camping. like camping is a meditative and pastoral exploration game, giving a single player the option to wander around a small but whimsical and slightly magical world. Meant to played as an experience and looking for the sake of looking and walking for the sake of walking, no goals or directives in mind.

You can find the digital download of like camping for free here:

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You are made of ghosts

you are made of ghosts is short interactive fiction piece on exploring past selves. Exploring the concept of haunting various iterations of yourself and how one person can be so many different people in a lifetime. you are made of ghosts explores a personal queer narrative of impactful moments that can shape a person and the confusion and frustration that can arise when one cannot easily return to these past versions on oneself.

you are made of ghosts can be played online for free here: