A voracious learner and eager novice in the ways of magic, Aldin Ophaqirin Greenesleeves enrolled as a pupil at the Dustlake Academy school of magic. Though their dreams of what school life as a magic initiate are not like the realities of school life. Although the general courses in their first years were enjoyable and kept them busy, they had a hard time making friends. Many students were extremely competitive and saw Aldin as a rival. Unsure of how to navigate the social structures of their school life they dedicated their time to their studies and their new job at the Dustlake Academy library. In this job they became fast friends with the librarian who saw Aldin’s curiosity and excitement about learning and nurtured it through the various obscure texts and tomes in the library. Aldin quickly found their passions in those dusty texts, finding that they had so many questions that they wanted to learn the answers to.

When it came to declare a school of magic they eagerly joined the School of Divination and found a sense of purpose in their relationship to magic. Magic that strives for knowing and understanding. Through the classes and some introductions Aldin quickly found some friends that shared the eagerness of learning and understanding in magic. As well they all shared a common fascination with the supernatural. It was with the sponsorship of the librarian that Aldin became co-founder and secretary of the Dustlake Academy Paranormal Research Society with their young dwarven friend, who upon shrugging off the formalities of Aldin’s wordy Elven name, bestowed them with the shortened nickname of Alphi Greene, a name that has stuck with them as much as the friendship has.

Alphi now finding confidence in who they are and their magic have received a missive of a haunting in a nearby town, and has set off on behalf of the Dustlake Academy Paranormal Research Society to investigate.